Are Costco RV Batteries Any Good? (Honest Truth!)

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Costco batteries are considered great, budget-friendly battery options for nearly all RVers. Despite their affordable price, Costco batteries have pretty good run times and fantastic customer reviews in RV forums. In other words, Costco batteries are good, especially for those on a budget.

For a complete review of the Costco RV batteries, keep reading. This article details the Costco brand, the general reputation, and even who should buy the Costco RV batteries. Scroll down to learn more.

About Costco and Their Batteries

Before diving into a complete review of the Costco batteries, you want to know about the company and the types of batteries they produce.

In case you are unfamiliar, Costco is a wholesale store that sells a variety of affordable items. Their battery brand is Interstate Batteries. The Interstate Batteries are suitable for a variety of motor vehicles, including automobiles, boats, golf carts, lawnmowers, and of course, RVs.

Many RVers love the Interstate Batteries because they are very reliable while still having affordable prices. Their batteries are manufactured by various manufacturers, including Johnson Controls and Exide Technologies. Through extensive marketing using independent distributors, Interstate Batteries have become household names for many RVers and boaters for their affordability and reliability.

Are Costco RV Batteries Good?

Simply put, Costco RV batteries are very good, especially for their price. They have a long-run life with great specs. At the same time, they are highly affordable. By most RVer’s standards, these features make the Costco batteries fantastic.

That being said, you can technically find better RV batteries than the Costco ones. That is simply because Costco batteries are more marketed as value batteries. If you want the best RV batteries that money can buy, you should look elsewhere for batteries that are upwards of $250.

For regular RVers, that sort of battery is not really necessary. Instead, the Costco RV batteries are more than enough for most RVers. Chances are, you will be more than pleased with the specs, runtime, and price of the Costco Interstate Batteries.

Complete Review of Costco Batteries

If you aren’t quite sold on the Costco batteries yet, here is a complete review of their products. This review covers the specs, price, warranty, and customer satisfaction of the Costco batteries. Just as we have claimed above, this review shows Costco batteries as being great budget picks.


The two main Costco batteries for RVs are the Interstate 27DC Marine/RV Battery and the Interstate 24DC Marine/RV Battery. These batteries have cold-cranking amps between 550 and 600, cranking amps between 700 and 750, and reserved capacity between 140 and 160.


The price of the batteries is what really makes these batteries stand out from other brands. The price for these batteries is in the $100 to $200 range, making them fairly affordable. In comparison, many premium brands cost well over $250.

When you compare these batteries to others within their price range, they are more effective. In other words, the Costco RV batteries are more affordable than premium brands while being more impressive than other budget brands.


To make the price of these batteries even more impressive, Costco offers a fantastic warranty. Its limited warranty covers the life of the battery. If your battery stops working due to some sort of defect, you can either get the battery replaced or receive a full refund. Keep in mind you will need to show proof of purchase in order to get this warranty.

According to many RVers, the warranty provided with these batteries is comparable to top warranties in the industry. Plus, Costco customers note that the refund process is easy and simple enough. It seems that Costco makes it as pain-free as possible.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction for the Interstate Batteries can be a bit difficult to gauge. Nevertheless, it seems that most customers are happy with their purchase, but you have to look outside of the Costco website to get the full picture of the reliability of these batteries.

About Costco Reviews

If you only look at the Costco website reviews, you probably won’t have that good of feelings about the batteries. Due to the nature of Costco sales, most of the batteries are not purchased online. This may sound like a minor detail, but it is important to remember when looking at the rating on their website.

Since nearly all Interstate Batteries are purchased in-store, the only people who take the time to write reviews on the Costco website are those who have had negative experiences. If you look at the sheer number of reviews, you will see that there are not that many reviews at all, which is a good thing in this case. Positive reviews can be found elsewhere.

RV Forum Reviews

If you look at any other place online, you will see Interstate Batteries have a much better reputation than the Costco website may lead you to believe. If you look at nearly any RV forum, there are tons of Interstate Batteries users that have been using their batteries for years. Especially if you factor in how affordable these batteries are, most customers are ecstatic with their quality.

Of course, most of the customers are willing to admit that the batteries aren’t quite as impressive as premium options. Nevertheless, these customers are happy with their purchase based on the affordability and reliability of the batteries.


There are a few negative comments about these batteries, most of which are on the Costco website. Most of the negative reviews note that the batteries don’t last very long. They complain that the battery works great for the first use, but it doesn’t seem to retain any of its juice after a few months.

Once again, nearly all of these complaints were found on the Costco website, and not on video reviews, comprehensive reviews, or RV forums. This seems to suggest that customers are more likely to complain on the Costco website and praise the products elsewhere.

Key Takeaways

All around, it seems that customers are satisfied with the Costco RV batteries. Even though the Costco reviews aren’t entirely positive, reviews elsewhere are overwhelmingly optimistic and happy about the purchase.

Who Should Get Costco RV Batteries?

So, we have learned that Costco RV batteries are pretty good and that most customers are satisfied with the purchase. That to the side, who exactly should buy Costco RV batteries?

We recommend Costco RV batteries to RVers on a budget. The price of the batteries is highly affordable and great for nearly all RVers. At the same time, the batteries have a longer runtime and more impressive specs than other RV batteries of the same price range.

Final Thoughts

Our honest opinion of Costco RV batteries is that they are pretty decent. They are especially good for those on a budget since they are affordable yet still offer impressive specs and features. Although they might not be as impressive as premium picks, they’re still worth the buy for those on a budget.

If you decide to do more research about the Costco RV batteries, we recommend reading through the RV forums online. These responses tend to have much more accurate and comprehensive reports than the Costco reviews.

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